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Gorgoroth have fired vocalist Pest following Pest’s decision to quit the band. Luckily for Gorgoroth fans, there is no shortage of vocalists who sound like croaking frogs in Norway, and so they have replaced him with not one but two separate singers, one for their upcoming tour and one for their upcoming album.

A statement from the band explains, sort of:

“Out of respect for and loyalty to Gorgoroth’s audience and collaborators, Infernus has kicked Pest out of the band, effective immediately. This after Pest informed the band that he would not be prioritizing doing the upcoming Latin American tour after all, just two weeks before the band was set to depart for Brazil. Infernus has decided that the tour will go on as planned, though, and Hoest of Taake will replace Pest as vocalist on the tour starting on September 7, 2012. As for the next Gorgoroth studio album ‘Instinctus Bestalis’, vocal duties will be handled by a Serbian Satanist known as Atterigner, of the band Triumfall (Forces of Satan Records).”

So basically Pest said, “I’m not doing this tour,” and Infernus said, “Well if you walk out now, you can never come back,” which probably doesn’t bother Pest very much given Pest’s decision not to do the tour (cross-eyed yet?), and then Infernus put out a statement that sounds like it was written by a high school teacher (“Prioritizing?” Okay, does Pest have to clean his room, too?).

In any case, I really like Taake and can make almost as many jokes about the name “Hoest”…

…as I can the name “Pest,” so this is a-okay with me. I don’t know Triumfall but like I said, if the dude can sound like an old constipated woman while spitting out lyrics about Ebil, I’m sure everything will be fine.


[via Lambgoat]

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