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All That Remains seem to have a giant chip on their collective shoulder about haters. Their entire new album is a self-described troll against the Internet, and now they’ve released a new song from that album devoted to patting themselves on the back for rising to success in spite of those haters. And, I mean, who could blame them for feeling so defiant? They’ve sure had a lot of haterade spit their way over the years.

Check out the lyric video for “Stand Up” below. Some incredible newfangled vocal-producing robot that calls itself “Phil Labonte” is basically saying, “No one believed in us but we did it anyway! We’re still here! We rule! Fuck the haters!” Never heard that before. Aren’t those the lyrics to every posi-hardcore song ever?

On the bright side, at least Labonte’s not telling us to “stand up” for the rights to own automatic, military-grade machine guns or to “stand up” against leftist “commies” like Tom Morello.

Serious side note: I wonder what the other members of All That Remains think of Labonte’s politics and his constant airing of them in the press?


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