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We’ve seen some pretty weird items for sale on eBay in the past — including Dio’s childhood home, Devin Townsend’s old spatula, and Black Sabbath’s integrity — but this might take the cake: someone is now auctioning off an old dryer that allegedly once belonged to Guns N’ Roses.

According to the accompanying product description, “To make room for new stuff, Guns N Roses touring crew recently went through the band’s warehouse and cleared out a bunch of gear, equipment and props the band no longer need.” So I guess this is the dryer the band took out on the road them, because, y’know, sometimes it’s hard to come by dryers when you’re a rock star staying in nice hotels and headlining arenas. Maybe Axl Rose’s not-at-all-crazy-looking psychic, Sharon Maynard, told him it was bad juju to dry his clothes in a dryer used by other people?

The seller, whose eBay handle is dvamp2u, has  99.1% positive feedback, so I guess I have no real reason to dispute the authenticity of this item. That being said, I did find this contradictory part of the product description completely hilarious:

“Unless specified, we cannot accommodate any requests to get items autographed or authenticated (please do not ask)… no certificate of authenticity will be included.

“You can verify the authenticity of this auction by going to the Guns N Roses web site and”

So it’s good to know that I can authenticate this item that you refuse to authenticate. Who the fuck wrote this thing, Frankie Palmeri?

Bid here if you’re in desperate need of a dryer, or don’t have the ability to stencil the words “Guns N’ Roses” on your own road case. The seller also has some actual musical equipment if you want that instead.


Major, major thanks to Justin Foley of The Austerity Program / awesome columns on MetalSucks fame for brining this to our attention!!!

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