• Axl Rosenberg

HERE’S VIDEO OF “METAL MASTERS 4”Clinic/all-star jam sesh Metal Masters 4, featuring Phil Anselmo, Kerry King, Dave Lombardo, Scott Ian, Charlie Benante, Frank Bello, Billy Sheehan, and Gary Holt took place in NYC on Friday night — much to the chagrin of local metal fans, who had to choose between that event and the currently in-progress Kreator/Accept/Swallow the Sun tour, which was playing just a little further uptown.

But if you either a) don’t live in New York or b) chose the latter option (as Vince and myself did), you’re in luck, ’cause the entirety of MM4 is now online for viewing. The undeniable highlight of these things remains the part where everyone comes out and plays some Pantera with Anselmo on vocals, but if you’re a music dork, you could probably learn a little sumpin’ sumpin’ from the lecture section of the evening, too. Check it out below:



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