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Kvelertak have released a second studio video from the recording sessions for their forthcoming sophomore effort, this one focusing on guitar tracking. There’s a lot that’s great about it, including producer/Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou discussing the approach to the guitars on this album and some more snippets of new music. But by far my favorite part comes right at the beginning, when the phrase “Cool story bro” appears in the subtitles. Obviously this is editorializing on the part of whomever produced the video; it makes me wonder why we don’t see such editorializing in subtitles more frequently. Wouldn’t it be really great if, like, right in the middle of a totally dense and confusing Tarkovsky movie, some sneaky bastard at the Criterion Collection added the phrase “(No idea what the fucking fuck is going on here)?”

Kvelertak’s new album will be out in 2013. You can watch the band’s first studio update here.


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