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Hey DOODZ! Nice to see you! And it’s great that you’re here, ’cause you know they say: “A Shit That Comes Out Today a day keeps the herpes away.” (If STCOT came more than once a week we’d really be on to something!) Anyway we’ve got all the new hard and heavy jamz to make your Jewish New Year and Secular Tuesday rawk with pan-cultural awesomeness. After the jump!


Vision Of Disorder
The Cursed Remain Cursed (Candlelight)
On a playlist with: Helmet, Life of Agony, Nothingface
Listen “Set to Fail” (here)

If anyone ever asks you if you’d prefer a Vision of Disorder or a Legacy of Disorder (another STCOT band this week), I implore you to strongly consider the former. A Vision of Disorder is badass, like a madman’s master plan to bring down the system and usher in a new era of chaos to Gotham City; but what the hell is a Legacy of Disorder?? And why would anyone want to continue it, if it’s so … disorderly? Pressing questions aside, the new album by the New York metalcore pioneers VoD is saaahhh-weet. In their first release since 2001’s polarizing From Bliss To Devastation, Tim Williams and crew unload 10+ years of fury and frustation via relentless shrieks and more awesome riffs than one album should be allowed. While The Cursed Remain Cursed marks a heavy return to roots for VOD, the melodic touches that Williams honed over the years remain and show the frontman belting out some of the best hooks of his career.


Norska (Brutal Panda)
On a playlist with: Neurosis’s Through Silver in Blood, Kylesa, Horn of the Rhino
Listen Norska full stream (here)

Who else is getting really tired of the Black Sabbath cover bands that materialize daily? Yeah, not doing it for me anymore. Buttt if you must listen to doom, it should be “Heaviest Matter in the Universe” heavy and Norska delivers that on their eponymous debut. Featuring YOB bassist Aaron Rieseberg, the quartet plays crushing stoner doom that is truly “bowling-ball-dropped-on-your-foot” heavy. Fans of YOB can’t not majorly dig these dudes and their crisper production, brutaller vocals, and greater range of dynamics.


Devin Townsend Project
Epicloud (InsideOut)
On a playlist with: Queen, Serj Tankian’s Imperfect Harmonies, Mike Patton’s Mondo Cane
Listen Epicloud full stream (here)



Human (Yaya Papu)
On a playlist with: Sevendust’s Animosity, Eye Empire, Dark New Day
Listen Human full stream (here)

I’ll admit it: I’m the guy at MetalSucks who’s been paying our writers to fawn over Sevendust; I mean, what else should I do with my riches. But seriously, love Sevendust or hate ’em, it’s hard to argue that the Atlanta heavy rockers aren’t seriously talented guys. See Clint Lowery and Morgan Rose’s side project, Call Me No One (which earned big MS praise earlier this year) and Projected, Sevendust guitarist John Connolly and bassist Vinnie Hornsby’s excellent new thang. Accompanied by Alter Bridge drummer Scott Philips and Tremonti shredder Eric Friedman, Connolly takes center stage with his off-the-wall riffs and surprising vocal talents. Unlike CMN1, which departed slightly from groovy alt metal, Projected plays to its members’ strengths and is familiar but awesome metallic rock.


Gerra (PID)
On a playlist with: Hypocrisy, Miseration, Obscura
Listen Gerra full stream (here)

For a metal band to catch on, or to even have a remote chance at a real career, it can’t play by the book. This is especially true of death metal; there are so many frickin’ generic bands out there. The Swedes in Sectu don’t quite break new ground on their sophomore album, but do stray enough from the beaten path to please hungry death metal fans. Gerra situates blistering blasts and techy breaks with Lamb of God groove riffs, Gojira chug-alongs, and a warped sense of melody that is very much their own.


No Holier Temple (Svart)
On a playlist with: Opeth’s Damnation, Agalloch’s Grey EP, Jethro Tull
Listen No Holier Temple full stream (here)

I’m a serious guy, which explains my problem with folky or throwback-sounding metal in 2012: It’s too silly! So Hexvessel’s Finnish folk/doom/classic prog should come off as lame to me, but No Holier Temple is a deftly executed and (dare I say it) unique release. On paper it appears to be another Heritage, but lands closer to a glorified Damnation with lots of unusual, tasteful folk instrumentation (violin, brass, subtle woodwinds, dulcimer), hair-raising guitar melodies, and chilling vocal harmonies. This is what the Twilight soundtrack should sound like!



ˆBad Powers Bad Powers (The End) listen
Becoming The Archetype I Am (Solid State) listen listen listen
»Bombs Of Hades The Serpent’s Redemption (Pulverised) listen listen
Down Down IV Part I – The Purple EP (Down) listen
Ensiferum Unsung Heroes (Spinefarm) listen
Eugenic Death Crimes Against Humanity (Heaven And Hell) listen
Evil Entourage The Opposition (Chaos) listen
Gallows Gallows (Bridge Nine) listen
haarp Husks (Housecore) listen
Indesinence Vessels Of Light And Decay (Profound Lore) listen listen
Kalopsia Amongst The Ruins (Godeater) listen
»Liv Kristine Libertine (Napalm) listen
Legacy Of Disorder Last Man Standing (MRI) listen read
Locrian & Christoph Heemann Locrian & Christoph Heemann (Handmade Birds)
»Rabbits Bites Rites (Good To Die) listen listen
The Scorpions Love At First Sting gold reissue (Audio Fidelity) listen
Seremonia Seremonia (Svart) listen
Stolen Babies Naught (No Comment) listen
Title Fight Floral Green (SideOneDummy) listen
Ufomammut ORO – Opus Alter (Neurot) listen listen listen
Vision Divine Destination Set To Nowhere (Eagle Rock) listen
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