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Saigon Kick announced via Twitter that their original line-up is reuniting and that tour dates will be forthcoming shortly, and now I’m having kind of a hard time typing ’cause of all the splooge on my keyboard.

I suspect most of young metaldom probably has no idea who these dudes are; the original line-up of the band hasn’t released anything since 1992’s The Lizard, which was their biggest seller thanks to the single “Love is on the Way,” and which will still leave a bootmark on your ass; meanwhile, no version of the band has released anything since 1999’s Bastards, which I’ve never even heard (it was never released in the U.S.). If any young ‘uns have heard of Saigon Kick, it’s presumably because guitarist Jason Bieler went on to found Bieler Bros. Records, who have released albums by bands such as Soil, Will Haven, Stam1na, Look Right Penny, and MetalSucks favorites Sikth. So please allow me to take a moment to enlighten the little ones as to why this news should induce a massive, painful boner:

You’ll notice there isn’t really a distinct “sound” here; the band really played a diverse array of forms of hard rock and metal, which may explain why they never reached the same heights of success as some of their peers. They also always had a sense of humor; the fifty-one second “My Dog,” for example, is written from the point of view of someone who’s dog has just been run over by a car, obviously not a common topic in metal lyrics (although there have always been stories that Guns N’ Roses’ “I Used to Love Her” is actually about Axl Rose putting his dog to sleep).

ANYWAY, needless to say, Vince and I are very, very excited about this. We’ll post tour dates as soon as they’re released!


[via Bring Back Glam!]

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