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Back in March, drummer Navene Koperweis quit Animals as Leaders, and although Matt Garstka has acted as his replacement on all subsequent tours, it would appear that the band was recently in the studio with Swedish super-skinsman Morgan Ågren.

The news comes via AAL co-guitarist Javier Reyes, who tweeted the below pictures of Ågren in the studio with himself and Tosin Abasi two weeks ago, along with the promise, “Something awesome currently happening.” The tweets were only brought to our attention this morning, but I gotta say… I am very much intrigued.

The way I see it, there are basically four possibilities here:

  1. Ågren is the new drummer for Animals as Leaders.
  2. Ågren will appear on the next Animals as Leaders release, but isn’t joining the band full-time.
  3. Ågren will appear on the next T.R.A.M.  release (although they’d have to change the name to T.R.A.A.).
  4. Ågren is recording a new project with Abasi and Reyes that won’t technically be an Animals as Leaders release, the way Lulu wasn’t technically a Metallica release, although, y’know, presumably as not as completely fucking awful as Lulu.

We’re obviously just gonna have to be patient and wait to find out the answer, but like I said, this is intriguing news no matter what. Ågren is a killer drummer; he’s played with everyone from Frank Zappa to Fredrik Thordendal to Devin Townsend (he’ll handle drum duties for the next Townsend release, Casualties of Cool, which should be out next year). So whatever this “something awesome” ends up being, I have little doubt that it will be, well, awesome!

Here’s some footage of Ågren doing his thing, in case you’re not familiar with the man’s fine work:


Thanks: DemonicShredder

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