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Update, 12:25 p.m.: Metal Injection points out that three other bands also got tweets with question marks: Gojira, The Black Dahlia Murder, and Children of Bodom. Original story follows after the jump.

Last week, the organizers of Summer Slaughter sent out a tweet that said simply, “THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN?”, so now of course some people think DEP will be on Summer Slaughter. Of course, as The PRP points out, it’s also entirely possible that Summer Slaughterers are just contemplating/gauging fan interest in the idea of DEP being on the tour, so, uh, yeah, who knows.

My own personal thoughts on the matter? I love The Dillinger Escape Plan, I think they’re one of the most consistently fun live acts in extreme music today, and I think they’d seem way out of place on Summer Slaughter, which tends to concentrate on death metal bands (of the nine bands on this year’s bill, only one, Periphey, has no claim to being called “death metal”). That being said, what difference does it make? We’re all gonna go see DEP the next time they tour, and we’re all gonna go see Summer Slaughter next year. And by “we all,” I mean “me.” You guys can all go stick your dicks into light sockets for all I care.


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