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Now that Sevendust’s new album is entirely finished (which you’d know if you’ve been following their multiple-times-daily video updates!), the band’s been inviting folks over to Architekt Studios in New Jersey to preview some of the new material. Earlier this week they invited Axl and me to hear a few songs, to which we happily obliged, and apparently they’d already hosted Anthrax vocalist Joey Belladonna over the weekend.

MetalSucks and Joey finally have something in common: a new Sevendust song called “Blackout,” about Clint Lowery’s father (who passed away earlier this year), nearly brought us all to tears. The cameras weren’t rolling to capture our unexpected display of emotion, but they sure were for Joey, goosebumps, tears and all:

The song was just that powerful. We also heard a few others, including a ridiculously heavy song that hasn’t got a name yet, undoubtedly the heaviest thing Sevendust’s ever written (growled vocals, blast beats, etc).

We can’t wait to hear this album in full. No word on an official release date yet, but since “April” is bandied about in the above video and the finished tracks have yet to be mixed or mastered, spring seems like a reasonable guestimate.


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