Revocation’s new David Brodsky-directed video, for “The Grip Tightens,” has a simple, silly premise — after many years in retirement, the band reunite as old men for one final show — that in the hands of a lesser filmmaker (and a lesser band, for that matter) probably would have gotten old after about ten seconds. But this clip doesn’t get old — I’ve watched it three times already and loved it every time.

Contributing factors to its excellence include what are actually some really great make-up jobs for the band, and the fact that while the video doesn’t tell a story per se, it does have structure, and new elements are constantly being introduced (guitarist Dan Gargiulo needing an increase of oxygen before he plays his solo, drummer Phil Dubois-Coyne’s wheelchair slowly rolling away from the drums, an old broad throwing her panties at the band, etc.) Not hurting things, of course, is the fact that the song just, like, totally rules.

BONUS! This marks the cinemetal debut of new bassist Brett Bamberger (East of the Wall, Argonauts, ex-The Binary Code)… even if he is bordering on unrecognizable in his old fogie make-up.

DOUBLE BONUS!! MetalSucks’ own Kellhammer makes an appearance as a nurse (she’s the one in green who gets goosed). Hoo-ray!

Watch the video below. “The Grip Tightens” appears on Revocation’s new EP, Teratogenesis, which you can download from Scion A/V for free right here.


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