We all eagerly await the unseating of NBA commissioner David Stern, and not just cuz he’s a image-crazed jerk. Actually the reason it’s so hard to watch him step on the sport and its devotees is cuz there exists a guy who’s tailor-made for the job: Magic Johnson, winning ex-player, smily cuddlebud, superstud, and master of management.

Likewise, it’s going to be a sweet day for u when fellow polymath/Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson ascends to the throne of our metal kingdom, from where he’ll decree a gag rule on Blackie Lawless and Dave Mustaine, a yearly free Maiden/Sabbath/Faith No More/Testament/Deftones concert in L.A., and compulsory reading of my column by all!

Okay lol for now, Bruce-Bruce, 54, is merely captaining commercial jetliners, launching an aviation company, hosting the BBC series Flying Heavy Metal, and otherwise not relaxing between Maiden tours like this summer’s amazenutz Maiden England-themed jaunt. Oh wait he’s also landing juicy paychecks for appearances like Wednesday’s keynote address at the IBM Smarter Business event in Sweden. In some speech highlights, Dickinson trumpets the value of imagination over intellect, the role of creativity in genius, and the brilliance of “Run To The Hills.” It’s awesome check it out:

Likewise, Brucie’s Maiden bandmate Adrian Smith is keeping busy with Primal Rock Rebellion, his horribly-monikered but totally sweet heavy rock band with ex-Sikth singer Mikee Goodman. Their third video from debut album Awoken Broken (Spinefarm), “Tortured Tone,” is directed by Goodman and features a sexy-vested and scarfed Smith playing his awesome signature guitar, which means two things for certain: 1.) I watched the shit a hundred times, and 2.) Geoff Tate is somewhere masturbating to that vest.


Get Primal Rock Rebellion’s awesome Awoken Broken here.


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