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  • Axl Rosenberg


The Deciblog posits that “Rage Nucléaire might just be Canada’s best new black metal outfit.” I’m not well-versed enough in new Canadian black metal bands to be able to agree or disagree with that statement, but I definitely think the band’s new song, “Endziel,” is worth a listen, if for no other reason than because the band features former Cryptopsy vocalist Lord Worm.

Really, the only thing I strongly dislike about the song are the synths, which sound both cheap and overwrought, and sound like some Goth I’d wanna kick in the nuts must be playing them, all while thinking, “This will show mommy and daddy what they did to me!” I mean, I guess they work okay in the intro, but that whole choir of monks thing that’s going on in the background for large portions of the track takes me right out of it.

Little wonder that my favorite part of the song is the section that begins at the 2:55 mark — sometimes it’s synthless and sometimes the synth have just been mixed way below everything else, but in either case, without the image of a dude in black leather and eyeliner running through my head, it’s way, way easier to appreciate the rest of the brutality.

Listen here and decide for yourself! The song will appear on Rage Nucléaire’s forthcoming Unrelenting Fucking Hatred, which comes November 6 on Season of Mist.


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