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Deal of the Day: This “Highly Modified” Paiste Cymbal Could Be Yours!!


Ever been duped on an eBay purchase? Or, more accurately, just didn’t read the description carefully? Stan from Cincinnati feels your pain.

Seems as if Stan bought a severely broken Paiste cymbal on eBay, only he didn’t realize it was broken until it arrived… and now he’s stuck with it. So he’s turning to America’s open prostitution and drug marketplace, Craigslist, to try and flip it. “Highly modified” indeed! Good luck, braj.

HIGHLY MODIFIED Paiste Signature 16″ Full Crash. I didn’t do it! Bought it off of ebay without looking closely enough. My stupidity could be your gain. It doesn’t sound bad if you can stand the way it looks. Call Stan 513-477-0200

View the listing here.

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