Best Craigslist Ad Ever of the Day: Hellish Black Metal Band Seeks Dark Souls


In the old “is it real or not” game of Craigslist ads for bands seeking out new members, “Hellish Black Metal Band Seeks Dark Souls” ranks right in the middle. On the one hand, it’s entirely plausible that a couple of high-schoolers outside Sacramento are THIS serious and ridiculous about black metal; suburban boredom and monotony know no bounds, and it’s those areas that so often give rise to those who take this shit uber-seriously. On the other hand, this ad is so outlandish it seems unlikely it could’ve actually come from the minds of high schoolers — especially the part about sex witches — and the closing “WE ARE SERIOUS!!!” bit seems a little too desperate.

In any case, this ad is a doozy whether it’s real or not. View the ad here, and check out the screen cap below just in case it’s been pulled by the time you get to it:

Craigslist Necroslaughter

Thanks: Rick S.

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