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Anders Björler Working on First Post-The Haunted Project


Anders Björler Working on First Post-The Haunted Project

If you hoped that when guitarist Anders Björler left The Haunted earlier this month it was to go off and write a new At the Gates album, you’re shit out of luck. However, if you’re just a Björler admirer who was curious to see what he do with his post-Haunted time, well, you’re shit in luck! Because now we know the answer… at least for the immediate future.

Over the weekend, Björler launched a Facebook page for his first ever solo project. Furthermore, he posted the above photo, revealing that he’s already been working on the album for a month, and warned fans not to expect anything super-heavy:

“Note: This is NOT a ‘Metal’ project. Those of you who are familiar with my soundtrack/movie stuff for THE HAUNTED & AT THE GATES documentaries will know somewhat to expect…”

I’ve watched those documentaries and honestly don’t remember any of the music they contained (save for The Haunted and At the Gates songs, obviously), so I don’t really know what to expect. That being said, I’d be curious to hear Björler’s next project no matter what it is. Seriously, even if it was dubstep. I’d at least need to hear what it sounds like when a member of At the Gates makes dubstep, wouldn’t you?

Hopefully we’ll get to hear some new music soon. I don’t actually think it will be dubstep.

[via The PRP]

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