Send the Death Storm


Send the Death Storm

Good morning everyone!

As most, if not all, of you are aware, Hurricane Sandy is currently barreling towards the Eastern Seaboard. Here in New York, they’ve already shut down mass transit, evacuated low-lying areas close to the water, shut down the schools, etc. We’re not supposed to start really feeling the bitch’s wrath until later today, but there is a chance we’ll lose power at some point… in which case, duh, we won’t be able to post anything on MetalSucks until we’ve gotten power back. So, really, we just wanted to give you a heads up in the event that at some point today or tomorrow it seems as though we suddenly stopped posting for no discernible reason.

To everyone else who’s gonna be hit by the hurricane today, we’d just like to say — stay safe! And for everyone who won’t be — you stay safe, too! Just because.

Enjoy the most appropriate song for the occasion that we could think of that isn’t a total cliché:

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