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Video: Learn How 2 B just as Shredtastic as Holy Grail’s Guitarists


Holy Grail’s new single “Dark Passenger” — and its accompanying B-side “Go Down Swinging,” which premiered here at MetalSucks — are just as full of guitarmonies as the band’s face-rippingly incredible, harmony-filled first album Crisis in Utopia. Which is fantastic, because if you don’t listen to Holy Grail for their master-crafted guitarmonies, what are you even listening to? James-Paul Luna’s high-pitched wails, maybe, but come on — GUITARMONIES!

Lucky for you, then, guitar player, Holy Grail co-guitarists Eli Santana and Alex Lee have released a tutorial video breaking down both parts of their harmonized leads in “Dark Passenger.” Watch the video below, via Guitar World:

New album Ride the Void comes out on January 22, 2013.

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