ESP Guitar Contest Winner Announced!


ESP guitar winner

Congrats to David Ziegler, the winner of the radical ESP LTD EC-401FM guitar we offered up for the winning in September. We asked contestants to tell us why they really, really, really wanted the guitar, and here’s what David said:

Time to get down to the point
I’ve had the same ONE guitar for years. It’s an old beat to crap Epiphone SG that works. I’m in a death metal band, I’ve been in a death metal band for almost a year now. We’re known in my state, pretty well I guess. But not known well enough to where I can buy myself a new guitar. I know guitars come in easy these days, but here’s the thing. I’m left handed. Every guitar I have ever used is right handed. I’ve dealt with the tedious practice of flipping a right handed guitar to a left handed guitar, and can now do it like charlie sheen does coke. Faster than you can say “winning.” I’m only 16, and yeah, I’m sure your like “you get a job” or “get your parents to buy you one”, but it isn’t too easy for a metal head living on the bible belt to get a job, and my moms a single mother who is a waitress at the Olive Garden. I just need change. Something different for once. Not the same beat to crap epiphone. I need something to further my abilities. Make sure I can have more of a chance than anyone to actually have a stable career as a professional metal musician.That’s all.

Congrats, dude! Enjoy your new axe! We hope it’s an upgrade from that old, beat-up guitar you were using previously.

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