Even More Rings of Saturn Drama: Band Responds to ex-Drummer’s Accusations


Rings of Saturn

Are you tired of reading about this Rings of Saturn crap? Me too. Do you ultimately not give any fucks about this mediocre band? Me neither. This is the most press this band has ever received!

So let this be the final post, then. Some current member of Rings of Saturn (does it matter which one?) posted the below message on the band’s Facebook page in response to ex-drummer Brent Silletto’s War and Peace-length manifesto accusing the band of recording their first album (and possibly their second) at half-speed. The below has not been edited for clarity at all, since editing Silletto’s mis-spellings and grammar took me the better part of two hours on Tuesday. The statement:

Some of you may have seen on Metalsucks that now our ex drummer has been making all kinds of accusations about the band now too saying that we recorded our material half-speed, we can’t play it live etc.

Our studio engineer from Mayhemeness Recording Studios for both Embryonic Anomaly, and Dingir, has already made a statement (pictured below) saying that everything found on both our albums is in fact legit and recorded in full time –BESIDES– our ex drummers drums which are only on our first album Embryonic Anomaly. This was the reason why the entire band made the decision to kick him out. He couldn’t play our material at all in the studio, and by the time we toured, he could barely get through the songs live. It’s amazing how he is trying to flip this story back on us when it is really about him.

Even More Rings of Saturn Drama: Band Responds to ex-Drummer’s Accusations

Along with the all of the audience uploaded videos on Youtube of our hundreds of live performances that are easily assessable to everyone, Below we have posted videos of each member playing our material WITH ACTUAL AUDIO that metalsucks had already shared as well along with our recording engineers statement. The guitar video was made years ago at the time where our ex drummer was in the band.

Guitarists Joel and Lucas playing Seized and Devoured out of shitty 15 watt yamaha practice amps.


Also Lucas playing the main lead off of Embryonic Anomaly which is considered to be the hardest riff from the first album.


Sean playing bass over annihilating the pure, I do not know what amp he is using


Ian playing drums to Objective to Harvest


Ian doing vocals for Annihilating the Pure


We hope that this officially brings this issue to an end. We really just want this to be dropped, The entire band, our recording studio, and our label Unique Leader Records stand behind these official statements and we hope that you will to. Like the great Chuck Schuldiner once said, “Support Music, Not Rumors.”

Too long; didn’t read. Any questions? Nope? OK, then. Class dismissed.

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