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Shortest Breakup Ever: Abigail Williams are Working on a New Album


Abigail Wililams

When Abigail Williams announced in July that that they’d be hanging up their cleats after their summer tour, Axl surmised that perhaps they were lying and just fucking with our heads the way Oceano did. And with yesterday’s news that the band is already getting back together — a mere four months later — I have to give my pal Axl a hearty pat on the butt for calling it a mile away.

Looking back at the band’s breakup statement in July, they did say that “we have decided to make these upcoming Abigail Williams shows our last US tour,” which if you take that statement alone could be interpreted to mean “we will still be releasing new music, we just won’t be touring.” But, yeah, bullshit. In the same statement they also say that “2012 is the perfect year for new beginnings and we definitely plan to put music out later this year in the form of a new band(s),” insinuating that Abigail Williams as an entity of any kind would cease to be. So whether Abigail Williams were pulling our chains in a blatant publicity-grab this whole time or whether they really meant it but they’ve since kissed and made up, we’ll never know.

Here’s the band’s statement:

New album coming in 2013… We are happy to announce that Ashley Ellyllon will rejoin Abigail Williams for our fourth full length album. Although we did not announce it or make it public she also worked on our last album ‘Becoming’ with us. Anyone with a CD booklet can see that though… wink wink.

I’m glad they clarified that, because I was tearing my hair out in anxiety wondering whether Ellyllon would be in the band this time around.

No word on whether the re-jiggered AW will include drummer Alan Cassidy, who is currently touring with The Black Dahlia Murder as Shannon Lucas’ replacement.

Oh well. Metalheads everywhere can look forward to more mediocrity from Abigail Williams in the very near future.

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