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Terror Learn Some “Hard Lessons”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Terror Learn Some “Hard Lessons”

Terror have released a new song, “Hard Lessons,” and holy crap, it has to be the catchiest thing they’ve released in years — and I say that as a Terror fan who has by and large enjoyed pretty much everything they’ve released. And “Can’t learn from mistakes when I don’t fucking care” is certainly a sentiment to which I can relate, much to my shrink’s chagrin. Check it out:

“Hard Lessons” and one other song, “Only The Devil Knows,” will appear on a new 7″ which will be released via Reaper Records in the not-too-distant future; Lambgoat says that it will also “likely [appear on] their upcoming full-length, Live By The Code.” I defer to Lambgoat’s expertise regarding this matter.

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