You Ain’t Never Heard Greg Puciato Like This

  • Axl Rosenberg

You Ain’t Never Heard Greg Puciato Like This

I was hesitant to watch the video for “Exit Wound” by Igor Cavalera’s electronic project, Mixhell, because I’m a massive fan of Greg Puciato, who contributes vocals, but I assumed I’d loathe the song. But, hoo-ray!, I don’t loathe the song at all. It’s not really my thing, but it’s not bad at all; we’ve heard Puciato sing over some very Nine Inch Nail-ish material on the last couple of Dillinger albums, and this is really just one step even further in that direction — this track would probably not seem out of place next to “Only.”

In fact, Puciato’s vocal performance is what I find most interesting about this song; there are substantial portions of the song where I never would have recognized his voice had I not known it was him. I mean that as a compliment — it means the dude still has “places to go” that us DEP fans haven’t experienced yet.

I can’t seem to get the embed to work, but you can watch the video at Noisey.

Side note: after this song and Soulfly’s “Rise of the Fallen,” Puciato has now collaborated with each of the Cavalera brothers, albeit independently of one another. I wonder if Richie Cavalera’s band, Incite, will enlist him next?


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