Sergeant D.’s Top Fifteen Metal (and Not-Quite-Metal) Albums of 2012


15. Beatking — Kings of the Club Vol. 2 (self-released)

Why this dude has not blown the fuck up and become the next NITTI is beyond me because this shit goes hard as fuck.

Listen: “Hammer” 

14. War Hound — Colder Than Ever (self-released) 

This band is a bunch of kids from Illinois who sound exactly like EXCESSIVE FORCE and early BIOHAZARD. Do I need to say more?

Listen: “Colder Than Ever”

13. These Hearts — Elephant in the Room (Victory)

What I always wished I SEE STARS sounded like, with a little dash of FOREVER THE SICKEST KIDS thrown in for good measure.

Listen: “The Inconvenience” 

12. Chelsea Grin — Evolve (Artery)

I’ve been waiting for someone to bring back the late-period 18 VISIONS sound and boom, here it is. Sick.

Listen: “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

11. Defiler — Nematocera (Razor And Tie)

These kids are future of deathcore, mark my words.

Listen: “Walk in the Glow

10. Goliath — Vendetta with the World (self-released)

My favorite Southern California moshcore band– like DYSTOPIA meets WINDS OF PLAGUE!

Listen: “Society’s Outcasts”

9. Twitching Tongues — Preacher Man (Closed Casket Activities)

If you miss LIFE OF AGONY then you will love this band (ft Taylor from NAILS).

Listen: “Feed Your Disease”

8. Lakeview — For What It’s Worth (self-released)

Imagine the taste of crabcore and pop-punk together at last, and produced by Jonny Franck from Attack Attack. Every bit as awesome as it sounds!!


7. Cerebral Incubation — Gonorrhea Nodule Mastication (self-released)


Listen: “Alcoholic Encephalopathy”

6. Depressed Teenager — Enlisting Your Fat Inner Child EP (self-released)

Nobody knows who this mysterious hip hop artist is, but he somehow got KREAYSHAWN in his video. So advanced!!

Listen: “She Wana Fukk”

7 Horns 7 Eyes - Throes of Absolution5. 7 Horns 7 Eyes — Throes of Absolution (Century Media)  

Hands down my favorite symphonic deathcore band!


4. Kreayshawn — Somethin ‘Bout Kreay (Columbia)

Kreayshawn has the ability. She is good and lovely. I love her.

Listen: “Go Hard (La.La.La)”

3. The Story So Far — Under Soil and Dirt (Pure Noise)

Maybe this came out last year idk. But either way I can’t stop listening to it and it gives me chills every time “Quicksand” comes on.

Listen: “Quicksand”

2. The Ghost Inside — Get What You Give (Epitaph)

Scott Vogel is right, they are fake hardcore. But they are really good fake hardcore.

Listen: “Engine 45”


1. City Lights — In It To Win It (InVogue)

The best pop-punk/easycore band of the last 5 years, as well as some of my top bros IRL. If you’re not into CL we’re not friends!!

Listen: “Hang Out”

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