MetalSucks’ Sixth Annual Heavy Metal Hanukkah — Night 1

  • Axl Rosenberg

MetalSucks’ Sixth Annual Heavy Metal Hanukkah — Night 1

Brake out the menorah, break out the dreidel, break out the weed latkes — for the Festival of Lights is upon us yet again! And you know what that means: ANOTHER YEAR OF HEAVY METAL HANUKKAH!!! That’s eight crazy nights with eight crazy chances for you to win a mystery CD and a dreidel. It’s the best thing since unleavened bread!

In case this is your first year broing down with MS for the Festival of Lights, here’s how it’s gonna work: Every night for the next eight nights, we’re gonna ask a trivia question that relates to both metal and Judaism. Of everyone who gets it right, we’ll randomly select one winner to receive that night’s prize.

Make sense? Good. Here’s the question for the first night…

Who wrote this?

“That’s a line I must have heard a thousand times from Dimebag over the years. ‘Baldini’ was his name for me. ‘Dino Baldini’ when he was being polite. He also called me ‘The Action Figure’ and ‘The Jew’ (that being said with the utmost affection).”

E-mail your answer to axl [at] with the phrase “HEAVY METAL HANNUKKAH – NIGHT 1″ in the subject line. All entries should include your name and mailing address in addition to your answer, and are due by 5 pm tomorrow (Sunday, December 9) evening. Shortly thereafter we’ll announce the winner and post night 2’s trivia question. And while you don’t have to be Jewish to enter the contest, you do have to live in the U.S. Money for shipping doesn’t grow on trees, ya know.

Good luck!

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