MetalSucks’ Sixth Annual Heavy Metal Hanukkah — Night 2


Mazel tov to Jade Stephens! Jade correctly identified Anthrax’s Scott Ian as the person who wrote last night’s quote about the late, great Dimebag. Jade wins a mystery CD and a dreidel from MetalSucks! Spin that shit, Jade!

But don’t kvetch if you lost, because you’ve still got seven more chances to win! Here the second night’s question:

Name a Jewish actor who has played a heavy metal musician in a major motion picture, as well as the name of that motion picture. The musician he or she played does not have to been identified as Jewish.

Here’s a hint: there are multiple correct answers! I can think of three just off the top of my head. So this shouldn’t be as challenging as it sounds!

E-mail your answer to axl [at] with the phrase “HEAVY METAL HANNUKKAH – NIGHT 2″ in the subject line. All entries should include your name and mailing address in addition to your answer, and are due by 5 pm tomorrow (Monday, December 10) evening. Shortly thereafter we’ll announce the winner and post night 3’s trivia question. And while you don’t have to be Jewish to enter the contest, you do have to live in the U.S. Good luck!

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