This Live Footage of Behemoth Playing on the Barge to Hell Cruise Makes Us Jealous We Missed the Boat


This footage of Behemoth tearing up the hull of the Barge to Hell cruiseship last week makes me that much more bummed I haven’t seen them live in four years. And that time four years ago barely counts; it was outdoors, during full daylight, at the Mayhem Fest; what kind of environment for Behemoth is that??? Essentially I haven’t seen Behemoth live at all, which is depressing because, man… this live footage! Holy shit.

Barge to Hell sounds like it was quite the party, and, as usual, Metal Injection was there to capture all the action. In addition to live footage (like the above) of various band performances they’ve been posting all week and will continue to post, they put together a 7-minute wrap-up clip featuring a tour of the ship, interviews with band members and concert-goers, a day in the life of Municipal Waste’s Tony Foresta and more. Watch:

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