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The Haarp Machine’s Vocalist Covers The Scorpions’ “No One Like You”


The Haarp Machine’s Vocalist Covers The Scorpions’ “No One Like You”

The Scorpions are kind of the forlorn bastard children of the ’80s metal scene, perennially overlooked in discussions and lists that highlight the decade’s best, for lack of a better word, “hair” metal. But the omission is probably a blessing in disguise: whereas so many of their contemporaries have turned into parodies of themselves or sad sideshow acts, the Scorps have managed to maintain a lot more of their credibility. Their songs still kick ass, in a non-ironic way.

The Haarp Machine vocalist Mike Semesky has decided to pay tribute to “undoubtedly one of the best and most iconic metal bands of the ’80s” with a cover of one of their most famous tracks, “No One Like You.” Like all good covers, this version is distinctly Haarp Machine-esque while maintaining enough elements from the original version to keep it recognizable. Semesky totally nails the vocals; he may have a little assistance from AutoTune (I’m not sure), but it’s clear that the guy’s got pipes and cares deeply about his vocal performance. Semesky shares guitar duties with Ben Schmitz of Rest Among Ruins, and together they expertly capture those trademark twin guitarmonies that are a mainstay of all Scorpions tracks. MetalSucks fave headbobber and face-maker Drewsif Stalin holds down the low end. Watch n’ enjoy:

Semesky also released a heavied-up cover of Van Halen’s “Ain’t Talkin’ About Love” (again with excellent vocals!) and a relatively straight-forward one of Imogen Heap’s “Hide and Seek” last year. Watch both below:

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