The HAARP Machine Remind You They’re Still Around, Seek New Guitarist

  • Axl Rosenberg

Every now and then, I’m compelled to report on the activities of The HAARP Machine, despite the fact that their sole release came out four years ago, and three-fourths of their members quit the band three years ago, and our only real evidence that they still exist is the fact that occasionally they go, “Hey, we still exist,” using the royal “we,” because they only have one actual member, guitarist Al Mu’min. They’re like Necrophagist without the genius baggage.

So: when we last heard from the “band,” this past December, it was to tease new music. I have no idea what happened with that, but now there’s this:

To the best of my knowledge, Mu’min has never had a co-guitarist in the band before. So Mu’min is either…

  • Expanding the band’s sound (at least in a live capacity)
  • Given up on finding a new singer, drummer, and bassist and decided to concentrate on something else for a minute
  • Simultaneously quitting his own band and hiring his own replacement, so someone else can now pretend that The HAARP Machine is still really real

Personally, I hope it’s the last one. It’s good to give back, isn’t it?

[via Metal Injection]

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