Unsigned and Unholy

Unsigned and Unholy: Witch Ripper (ex-Iron Thrones), Herder, Huldra


Witch Ripper

Witch Ripper are the new outfit with ex-Iron Thrones bassist Curtis Parker, and, contrary to what the band name might lead you to believe, they are NOT a Vest Metal band despite the presence of the word “witch.” Witch Ripper take those Mastodon moments where the band is both heavy AND proggy and extrapolate them into full songs, and the results are positively excellent. Stream their entire new EP at Bandcamp and watch the video for the EP’s first track below:

Herder are exactly what you’d expect from a band whose motto is “HERDER=HARDER.” Sludgy, doomy, and powerful, Herder summon the sounds of a herd of stampeding elephants coming at you at full force. Run for cover. [UPDATE: The band is signed to Reflection Records and their new album can be ordered here. -Ed.]

Huldra specialize in the kind of ethereal, doomy soundscapes that bands like Cult of Luna and Neurosis have made famous. But where Huldra excel, IMO, is in creating especially dreamy and melodramatic sequences. Stream Monuments, Monoliths below via Bandcamp.

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