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“Ride the Void” with Holy Grail


Holy Grail - Ride the Void

Holy Grail’s new album Ride the Void is almost here, and now’s your chance to listen to the album’s title track, the second song from the album to be released so far (third if you include a B-side). It comes in the form of a lyric video, too, proving these Californians aren’t just all about the shred. I think we’ve all had to ride through the “void” that vocalist James Paul Luna is talking about at one time or another in our lives, ya know what I’m sayin’?

Check out “Dark Passenger” from the album and “Go Down Swinging,” a B-side from the “Dark Passenger” single, for more Holy Grail goodness. I’ve had some time to sit with Ride the Void in full now, and I have to say that it isn’t grabbing me quite the way Crisis in Utopia did; the guitar work is top-notch, but, despite a few stand-outs, on the whole the songs don’t have the same urgency and kick-assness about them. But anything by these dudes is always quality, and I relish the opportunity to dig in further. Maybe it’ll be a grower.

Pre-order Ride the Void here before its release on January 22.

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