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Stream Holy Grail’s Entire New Album Ride the Void Right Now!


Holy Grail - Ride the Void

Holy Grail’s new album Ride the Void won’t be officially released until next week, but you can stream it in full right now via Metal Hammer. Which you most certainly should, because Holy Grail bring da riffz, now and forever.

As I said last week, Ride the Void isn’t quite grabbing me the same way Holy Grail’s debut album Crisis in Utopia did; it just hasn’t got as much ferocity or as many instantly memorable songs (though there are certainly a few gems and PLENTY of awesome guitar work). MS commenter J-Ho wondered aloud whether ex-guitarist James LaRue was an important part of the first album’s writing process, and it’s certainly worth considering (although his replacement, Bonded by Blood’s Alex Lee, is certainly no slouch). In any case, I’m gonna give Ride the Void another spin right now, though, same time as you, and see if my initial assessment wasn’t off-base.

Pre-order Ride the Void here before its release on January 22.

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