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Albums That Will F*ck Your Face Off in 2013: Nero Di Marte, self-titled


Nero di Marte

Imagine the churning, visceral, melancholic death blasts of Ulcerate, the elephants marching face-stomps and pick-scrapes of Gojira, the jazz-inflected experimentation of Intronaut and the experimental and proggy arrangements of The Ocean and Burst all rolled into one band. That band is Nero Di Marte.

Back when they were stilled called Murder Therapy, I featured this Italian band not once but twice in our Unsigned and Unholy column. Nevermind that I’m always happy to toot my own horn when it comes to saying “I told you so” (and yup, I really do love doing that); I’m mostly just glad that Nero Di Marte’s full-force face-fucking will now receive a wider audience via all the promotional help that Prosthetic Records will bring to the table. I promise you, MetalSucks readers are going to LOVE this band.

All Nero di Marte have given us so far from their forthcoming full-length album is four minutes and thirty seconds of song clips via the below video trailer. I’m ordinarily not interested in such trailers, but this one does exactly what it’s supposed to: gets me craving more, like NOW, gimme. I’ve probably listened to this trailer four times already.

Nero Di Marte will be released on March 18th via Prosthetic Records.

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