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Protest the Hero Have Raised Almost $200,000 in Three Days


Protest the Hero

On Wednesday we learned that Protest the Hero are self-releasing their new record, and that they’ve decided to crowd-source funds via an IndieGoGo campaign. Thanks to an outpouring of love from their fans and the pretty cool packages they’re offering to project backers, the band exceeded their goal of $125,000 in under 24 hours.

And then they kept going.

As of the writing of this post, the band has raised $193,000. If I wait a few minutes and click “refresh,” the number jumps by a few hundred. And it just keeps on going and going and going.

As cool as it is that they’ve earned so much money simply by asking, I think the band owes it to their fans and this project’s backers to explain what they plan to do with the surplus money beyond the $125k they initially asked for. I suppose they could just pocket the money and live off it for the time being, but that’d seem kinda shady. Or maybe not; presumably anyone who’s still donating is aware that the goal has been surpassed but is still giving money anyway, so maybe that’s what they’d want Rody and co. to do. Or maybe they just really, really want that pizza party with Tim Millar. Either way, since the band so meticulously broke down their recording costs for fans already, it’d be great to see what they plan on doing with the nearly $100k extra they didn’t expect to collect.

Here’s a statement from Protest the Hero via Facebook on their unexpected fundraising success:

Holy Mary mother of god,

that was pretty fuckin insane, right? Needless to say we are shocked, and eternally in your debt. From those of you who simply spread the word, to the crazy big spenders, our deepest and and most sincere thank you. In a time when we thought our fan base was potentially dwindling, you guys came and gave us a much needed kick in the pants. Our confidence is at an all time high and we have you to thank for that.

Please keep checking back though, we have a couple more sizable announcements to make, and they will be coming at you in rather rapid succession.

Thanks again,

Sweet Cheese and the Cats

Needless to say I’m pretty excitebike for this album to come out even though it’s still several months off. Let’s see what else PtH drops on us in the coming days.

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