Dave Grohl Leads Soundgarden Down Some “Crooked Steps”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Vince and I were having lunch with a friend last week when we realized that, despite the fact that all three of us were big Soundgarden fans back in the day, I was only the one who had attempted to listen to their reunion album, So Boring and Forgettable I Actually Had to Look Up the Name Just Now King Animal. The album received generally positive reviews when it was released last year, but was there anyone who was genuinely head-over-heels in love with it? It didn’t feel like it really had a “buzz” in the scene, did it? It was not the slam-dunk return that, say, Alice in Chains’ Black Gives Way to Blue was just a couple of years prior.

So, understandably, the most exciting thing about the new Soundgarden video, “By Crooked Steps,” is that it was directed by Dave Grohl. And about thirty seconds into the clip, you’ll realize that Grohl’s involvement isn’t even that exciting. I mean, it’s a perfectly good video, but given that nine outta ten things Grohl touches turn to platinum, you’d expect something considerably more clever and entertaining, wouldn’t you?

Soundgarden’s King Animal is out now.

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