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Stream Grayceon’s Entire New Breathtaking EP Right Now


Grayceon - Pearl and the End of Days

Cello-fueled metal trio Grayceon’s new EP Pearl and the End of Days is streaming in full at Invisible Oranges. All two tracks and 30 minutes of it. And it is absolutely phenomenal. I know it’s only the beginning of February — on the other hand, 2013 is already 1/12th over! — but this is easily one of my favorites of the year so far, and it’s definitely going on the running short list I keep for year-end list-making purposes.

This is my first time hearing the EP’s second track, “The End of Days,” and it’s even better than the album’s first track, “Pearl,” which we’d heard previously. I really like the way I described the first song <pats self on back> and I think it applies here too, and so:

The song is well-composed into multiple, unique sections, and at no point did I ever think “this has really gone on too long;” [despite being 17 minutes] like all long songs should, [“The End of Days”] takes you on a journey through ups, downs, and everything in between. Perez-Gratz’ cello accentuates Max Doyle’s meaty guitar riffs and Zack Farwell’s proggy rhythms in an incredibly interesting way. Grayceon have always been a dynamic and fascinating band, and this song is no different.

I would also like to add: those vocal harmonies! Oh, gosh, they’re beautiful.

Stream Pearl & The End of Days below via The EP comes out on February 12th via The Flenser; order here.

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