Grayceon: The Best New Music You’ll Hear Today


A couple of years ago, Grayceon’s then-new EP, Pearl and the End of Days, blew the collective socks off the MetalSucks Mansion, just like its full-length predecessor, All We Destroy.

[inaudible yelling from MS Mansion kitchen]

Uh… wait… what? That was *seven* years ago?? And All We Destroy came out NINE years ago??? Good God. We’re all old. Time is a flat circle and nothing matters.

[more inaudible yelling from MS Mansion kitchen]

Oh, I only spaced on one album in that time period? Phew!

Which leaves us here: the three-piece metal band, anchored by the cello (and vocals) of Jackie Perez Gratz, are readying their next album, Mothers Weavers Vultures. They’ve released two tracks from it so far, “Diablo Wind” and “This Bed,” and my god, they’re making me very sorry I spaced on just the one Grayceon album I did (IV, which dropped in 2018). The band are at once proggy, adventurous, visceral and full of power… despite being a writer who is paid to come up with adjectives to describe metal, I’m actually at a loss for words. The only touchstone I can summon is Ludicra, a namecheck likely to connect only with a handful of listeners. Grayceon are entirely their own beast; no one sounds like them and they sound like no one.

Perez Gratz offers of “This Bed,” the more recent of the two singles:

“‘This Bed’ is a bleak observation about humanity’s betrayal to Mother Nature, told in a first-person narrative that insinuates we have all been unfaithful in the relationship.”

Ain’t that the truth.

Check out both songs below. Mothers Weavers Vultures comes out on December 18 via Translation Loss; pre-order here.

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