Sir Elton F*cking John to Appear on New Queens of the Stone Age Album

  • Axl Rosenberg

Guys, I love Sir Elton Fucking John. Not even just the old stuff that pretty much everyone was acknowledges was cool, either (although that stuff is, obviously, THE SHIT). Even some of the super-cheesy latter day shit is, in my opinion, as good as super-cheesy shit gets. You wanna make me feel wistful? Throw this jam on:

Also, I dunno even know if people realize this given that these days liner notes pretty much aren’t a thing, but he played piano on the title track for Alice in Chains’ Black Gives Way to Blue, so dude has some metal cred already:

My point being, I am very, very pleased to learn that he is going to appear on the new Queens of the Stone Age album. He made the announcement yesterday on the talkshow Chelsea Lately, which is being guest hosted by one Mr. Dave Grohl this week, and even though I just told you the key info, you should still watch it, because it’s hilarious, and there’s some fun behind-the-scenes stories in there:

Funny and exciting, right?

John joins Grohl as well as Trent Reznor and Nick Oliveri on the list of guests announced so far. The album should be out later this year. Stoked!

[via Metal Insider]

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