Crashdïet Go to “California”


As your friendly neighborhood (and, er, self-appointed) sleaze writer, it is my duty to inform you that Crashdïet have premiered their video for “California” on Noisecreep.

Now, just because I like this band doesn’t mean I can’t make fun of them. Please consider the following three exhibits:

  • Why must all sleaze metal bands write a song about California? I get it, glam metal started there. But if you want to get really technical about it, write all your songs about Marc Bolan and David Bowie. Historically accurate sleaziness — I demand it!
  • How come there’s always one dumpy guy in these bands? They try to disguise him by dying his hair to be darker than the other members’ and never letting him stand on his own, but you can’t fool me. Does it help the others’ self-esteem? Is it in some super-secret sleaze contract that they have to be equal opportunity employer in terms of attractiveness quota? Is he just a rebel? Or does he simply prefer gyros to gyms? At any rate, his punishment is that his hair cannot be poofed out.
  • I get it. You party. The whole genre is about partying. I really don’t need to see how much of a drag your hangover is.

As videos go, it’s not groundbreaking. But it’s definitely not the worst video — that would Reckless Love’s “Hot,” from the worst album (of  2011) from the worst band (ever). What I thought was a cool, kind of sweet homage to the group’s founder, Dave Leppard — who committed suicide shortly after the release of their first album in 2006 — is actually the group’s bassist, Peter London. That was a little jarring and kind of creepy. Not to mention the, uh, playful bathroom scene with the entire band. We’re having trouble with the video embed, but you can watch it here.

As songs go, “California” is rather bland. But give a listen to the rest of the album anyway. The Savage Playground came out in January, and is currently available for purchase only through the band’s website and Sweden’s iTunes, but you can stream it below via Spotify.

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