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Sh*t That Comes Out Today: January 22, 2013


Hello — ladies. Shanbomb here. Are you enjoying this beautiful January morning? What’s that? Ha, yes I agree we should get together soon. For now, I sure hope you love PROG and bands with the word “Aeon” in their name, because that’s the style of sensual stimulation goin’ on in this week’s MetalSucks Shit That Comes Out Today featuring Shanbomb! So just lay back, relax, and look “below” for some new “releases.” 


Sons Of Aeon
Sons Of Aeon (Lifeforce)
On a playlist with: Be’lakor, Intestine Baalism, Before the Dawn
Listen Sons Of Aeon full stream (here)

Like that cougar in the pub eying me and my pals, melodeath ain’t gettin’ any younger. But still I’m struck by the greatness of Sons of Aeon. Its components are so simple — paint-scraping vocals, speedy riffage, sweet-sweet leads — but assembled artfully and with passion, so the result dazzles. The best part is that SoA prioritizes heaviness and (to my surprise) groove over At The Gates worship and finds a sound of their own in the process.


Corsair (Shadow Kingdom)
On a playlist with: Mastodon’s Crack The Skye, Opeth’s Heritage, King Crimson
Listen Corsair full stream (here)

Few metalheads are less enthused than I am about the resurgence of classic/stoner/doom metal. There are more egregious trends afoot, but to me, a scene that’s based entirely on old ideas is unworthy of mention. But Corsair is not this kind of bankrupt rehash. True, anyone would spot their ’70s prog and stoner influences, but Corsair’s specialness comes from darker, alternative sensibility and really cool instrumental tracks (and passable songs with singing). A nice display of strong musicianship in a nonchalant setting.


Target Earth (Century Media)
On a playlist with: Believer, Alchemist, Prototype
Listen Target Earth full stream (here)

Allow me to be frank: I didn’t grow up with Voivod (I was in the hospital nursery when futurist-thrash bands were “big”). But Target Earth, Voivod’s first-ever album with no contributions from late founding guitarist Denis “Piggy” D’Amour, keeps true to their big moments and doesn’t sound passé to a newb like yours truly. For fans, Target is worth adding to you collection. Those in my camp, check out its nifty, odd rhythms, atonal solos, and crazy chords. Proto-prog metal that sounds relevant.


Dustwalker (Code666)
On a playlist with: Ulcerate, Laethora, Agalloch
Listen “Consequence” (here)

Shanbomb here, back with you at MS STCOT feat Sb. Thanks for joining us. And now, for people who like their extreme metal with dissonance, I present London’s Fen. Let’s meet the band: It’s Grungyn on “bass and cries,” drums by Derwydd, and The Watcher on “voices, strings, and woe.” It’s inspiring that Fen’s gloomy and ethereal progressive black metal has survived the departure of Derpdederp and his much-missed “keyboards, laughter, and baby animal noises.”


This World Is Dead (Relapse)
On a playlist with: Napalm Death, Pig Destroyer, The Rotten Sound
Listen “Pro-Lifers” (here)

Need moar evidence that France is the world’s heaviest country? Then check out this appropriately-named band of grindcore misfits, Blockheads. I love that name; nothing says “we are stupid heavy and will bash your brains in” like a word that sounds stupid and heavy: Blockheads. And based on song titles “Deindividualized” and “Already Slaves,” it sounds like Blockheads have issues with the world to bark out in very intimidating, barely intelligible gutturals. Vocalist Xav uses a deep roar, not the screeches and squawks this often fit this sound, to make for a nice distinguishing feature.


Aeon Zen
Enigma (Nightmare)
On a playlist with: Symphony X, Dream Theater, Devin Townsend
Listen Enigma full stream (here)

Aeon Zen is like Theodore Roosevelt late in his career: They’re damn progressive. (Also they are the second band in todays’ STCOT with “Aeon” in their name.) Their proggified power metal might make you skeptical, but they do it better than most and they exploit your weakness for a groovy riffs and modal modulation. Check out “Downfall” (here) it’s pretty darn good.



Black Rose
Turn On The Night (Doolittle) listen
Clamfight I Versus The Glacier (Maple Forum)  listen
Cloud Rat Moksha (Halo Of Flies)  listen
Continents Idle Hands (Victory) listen
Crashdiet The Savage Playground (Frontiers) listen
Deceased Supernatural Addiction reissue (Hells Headbangers) listen
»Deceptor Chains Of Delusion EP (Shadow Kingdom) listen
¤Denouncement Pyre Almighty Arcanum (Hells Headbangers) listen
Diocletian / Weregoat Disciples Of War split (Parasitic/Dark Descent) listen
Drowned Belligerent Part One: The Killing State Of The Art (MRI) listen
Dynasty Beyond Measure (Facedown)  listen listen
Execution Sworn To The Evil/Dismantle The Cross ( listen
Fall City Fall Victus (Victory) listen
For All I Am Skinwalker (Equal Vision) listen listen
Golden Resurrection One Voice For The Kingdom (Doolittle) listen
»Head Of The Demon Head Of The Demon (Ajna Offensive) listen
»Hellige Hellige ( listen
Helloween Straight Out Of Hell (The End) listen
Holy Grail Ride The Void (Prosthetic) listen
In Solitude In Solitude reissue (Season Of Mist) listen
Jorn Symphonic (Frontiers) listen
Koldbrann Vertigo (Season Of Mist) listen listen
Kromosom Live Forever (Southern Lord) listen
Lancer Lancer (Doolittle) listen
The Last Stand The Time Is Now (Eulogy) listen
Lightning Swords Of Death Baphometic Chaosium (Metal Blade) listen listen read
Love And Death Between Here And Lost (Tooth And Nail) listen listen
Necroven Perpetual Blasphemies demos ( listen
Nervo Chaos To The Death (Greyhaze) listen
Nightfall Cassiopeia (Metal Blade) listen listen
Otep Hydra (Victory)
Overcome No Reserves. No Retreats. No Regrets. (Facedown) listen listen listen listen listen
»Paroxsihzem Paroxsihzem (Dark Descent) listen
Phinehas The Bridge Between EP (Red Cord) listen
Pink Cream 69 Ceremonial (Frontiers) listen
Rivera Bomma Infinite Journey Of Soul (Retroactive) listen
»Rotten Sound Species At War EP (Relapse) listen listen listen
Royal Hunt 20th Anniversary box (Frontiers) listen
Sammal Sammal (Svart) listen
Septicflesh Mystic Places Of Dawn reissue (Season Of Mist) listen
Snakecharmer Snakecharmer (Frontiers) listen
Tellus Requiem The 11th Hour (Nightmare) listen
Trapt Reborn (FOF) listen
Thy Art Is Murder
Hate (Distort) listen
»Vandroya One (Inner Wound) listen
Vassafor Elegy Of The Archeonaut collection (Dark Descent) listen
Vera Cruz SkinAndTeethAndNails (Season Of Mist) listen
Viisikko IIII (Svart) listen
Vomitor The Escalation (Hells Headbangers) listen
Wartorn Iconic Nightmare (Southern Lord) listen
Andy Winter Incomprehensible (The End)
»Yayla Nihaihayat (Merdumgiriz) isten listen


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