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Today in Wintersun: Time II Won’t Be Released Until 2014


Oh man, how bad do you feel for Wintersun fans right? After waiting EIGHT YEARS, they were they’d finally be rewarded for their patience with consecutive releases, Time I II, in 2012 and 2013. And, sure enough, Time I was released in 2012…

…but, despite earlier promises that Time II would be released in 2013, the band has now revealed via their Facebook page that it won’t be seeing the light of day ’til 2014. What they don’t say is why. They assert that “We are starting the mix of TIME II,” by which I assume they mean, they are starting the mix now. And it doesn’t take eleven months to mix an album. I mean, I guess you could spend eleven months mixing an album, but it’s not common practice. Maybe Time II is just going to be, like, the best-mixed album ever.

ANYWAY, good for Heavy Blog is Heavy for noticing this, ’cause the rest of us pretty much missed it. And to everyone who’s anxiously waiting for this album…

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