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Death to Play Metallica’s Second Orion Music + More Festival


So I sat down this morning to watch the below announcement video for Metallica’s second annual Orion Music + More Festival and see what metal bands made the cut. And all these names fly by when I see “Death.” And I immediately hit pause on the video to make sure that I saw it correctly. And I did. Death are playing this year’s Orion Music + More festival.

Of course, it’s not our Death. It’s this band, which I honestly did not know existed until I went to the OM+MF website to verify Death’s addition to the bill. So if you were hoping that some version of the Death to All tour was gonna play this year’s Orion Fest, you’re shit outta luck.

But here’s the funniest part: every artist’s page on the aforementioned OM+MF website has a little music player so you can sample some of the band’s tunes — not an uncommon practice these days — except that Death’s artist page plays “Flesh and the Power it Holds,” from The Sound of Perseverance.

Apparently whomever designed this webpage didn’t know there was a second Death, either.

ANYWAY, here’s the line-up as it’s been announced thus far… as you can see, there are some really good metal bands on the bill, in addition to a mixed bag of non-metal bands.

The fest will take place on June 8 and 9. Last year it was in Atlantic City; this year it’s Detroit. It’s like a tour that only hits depressing towns. I hear next year they’re considering Honduras.

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