Shit That Comes Out Today

Sh*t That Comes Out Today: February 26, 2013


Howdy folks! Don’t let all the great finds and good vibrations of the new year leap away from you — sometimes it’s good to get shit, especially when it’s Shit That Comes Out Today! Sample the flavors and vibrant aromas of another STCOT-y Tuesday! 


Hopeless • Godless (The Path Less Traveled)
On a playlist with: Today Is The Day, Converge, KEN Mode
Listen “The Immoralist” (here) “The Motherfucker” (here)

Hardcore can be one of the most unsettling, emotionally rattling genres. Much to my surprise, the gentleman of Pristina (who live 25 minutes from my hometown of New Haven CT) have put out one of the most upsetting and memorable metallic hardcore releases I’ve heard in 2013: Hopeless • Godless is an extremely raw piece of work with jagged glass riffs, shiver-inducing melodic sections, and poignant interludes. In H • G‘s lyrics, the Pristina guys seem to grapple with drug addiction — and on a very visceral level via creepy religious imagery for maximum discomfort.


De Arma
Lost, Alien & Forlorn (Trollmusic)
On a playlist with: Agalloch, Fen, Nahemah
Listen “Behind These Filthy Panes” (here) “Watching The Walls Come Down” (here)

Call it depressive metal or dark metal (or a name as pretentious), but you can imagine from that description the chilly, lovelorn gloom created by De Arma. Lost, Alien & Forlorn is a fitting description alright — and this shoe-gazing black metal doesn’t disappoint. The dark metal veterans (De Arma counts members of Fen and Armaggeda) strike a note of resignation with clean vocals and piercing emotional shrieks over a very desolate musical landscape. If a great clean section gets you sprung, check this out ASAP.


Byzantine - Byzantine front coverByzantine
Byzantine (Gravedancer)
On a playlist with: Darkane, Believer, Diablo
Listen “Forged In The Heart Of A Dying Sun” and “Caldera” (here) “Signal Path” (here) “Soul Eraser” (here)

Byzantine is yet another band I’ve intended for so long to check out, and not gotten to until STCOT forced me. And on their first record in five years and their first funded by Kickstarter, the West Virginian prog metallers make what many fans will consider a very worthy new set. Byzantine is concise and filler-free — what we get here is 45 minutes of thrashy melodic prog metal with some seriously brilliant riffage. Respect!


Steven Wilson
The Raven That Refused To Sing (And Other Stories) (Kscope)
On a playlist with: Porcupine Tree, King Crimson, Yes
Listen “The Raven That Refused To Sing” (here)

Steven Wilson as a solo artist is one of the most interesting creative forces in alternative and progressive music. His band Porcupine Tree will always be my favorite of his projects, but it’s incredible that Wilson can write three ambitious solo works that don’t resemble each other. On 2011’s acclaimed Grace For Drowning, Wilson ventured further away from Porcupine Tree’s modern progressive metal direction and closer to the 70’s retro prog/jazz fusion of many of his heroes’ work. Now on The Raven, he continues in that classic progressive direction, but still feels fresh and relevant. There are the obvious King Crimson-isms, but also nods at early 2000’s Porcupine Tree (Stupid Dream, Lightbulb Sun), and the dark air of mystery is very much his own. And drummer Marco Minneman was a damn good choice.


Incura (Coalition)
On a playlist with: Coheed And Cambria, Closure In Moscow, Rishloo
Listen “I’m Here Waiting” (here) “I’d Give Anything” (here) “Who You Are” (here) “Turning Blue” (here)

If Coheed And Cambria’s new two-part concept album wasn’t enough tenor vocals and proggy post-hardcore, might I recommend Vancouver’s Incura? Their Incura EP is theatrical heavy rock not far removed from Coheed and Closure In Moscow, with a knack for driving, emotional songs (often in 6/8 time) and a charismatic vocal presence that’s just a little different in each song. Which is pretty neat.


Within The Ruins
Elite (eOne/Good Fight)
On a playlist with: The Contortionist’s Exoplanet, Fallujah, Circle of Contempt
Listen “Feeding Frenzy” (here)

There’s a surprising buzz for Elite; if you’re digging this celestial-sounding deathcore/tech-death crossover sound then you will find Within The Ruins’ third album an enjoyable experience, if not a terribly unique one. It’s similar to their space-age, axe-affected peers: mouth-watering chops, brutal and monochromic vokillz, and bright guitar leads. For a young band, Within The Ruins is super talented, but let’s hope they capitalize on a good start and a great chance for growth.



Altaar Altaar (Indie) listen
Apparitions Kiss Me Sleeping (Indianola) listen listen listen listen listen
Apolokia Kathaarian Vortex (My Kingdom) listen
Centurian Contra Rationem (Listenable) listen
Crest Of Darkness In The Presence Of Death (My Kingdom) listen
» Darkthrone The Underground Resistance (Peaceville) listen
» Demented Across The Nature’s Stillness (Klonosphere) listen
En Nihil The Approaching Dark (Eibon) listen listen
Great White 30 Years: Live From The Sunset Strip (Frontiers) listen
Heimdall Aeneid (Scarlet) listen
Helker Somewhere In The Circle (AFM) listen
¤ Howling A Beast Conceived (Razorback) listen
Karnya Coverin’ Thoughts (Bakerteam) listen
KMFDM Kunst (Metropolis) listen
Liberty N’ Justice The Cigar Chronicles (Roxx) listen listen
Mustasch Sounds Like Hell, Looks Like Heaven (Metalville) listen
Mustasch The New Sound Of The True Best collection (Metalville) listen
Mysticum In The Streams Of Inferno reissue (Peaceville) listen
Nader Sadek Living Flesh (Self) listen listen
Octaves Greener Pastures (Topshelf) listen
Old Wounds From Where We Came Is Where We’ll Rest (Glory Kid) listen
Overkill The Electric Age deluxe (eOne) listen
» The Phantom Carriage Falls (Throatruiner) listen
Rage Of Angels Dreamworld (Escape) listen
Red Rose On The Cusp Of Change (Scarlet) listen
The Rival Mob Mob Justice (Revelation) listen
» Ruins Place Of No Pity (Listenable) listen
Saurom Vida (End Of The Light) listen
Shub Niggurath The Kinglike Celebration reissue (End Of The Light) listen
A Story Of Rats Vastness And The Inverse (Translinguistic Other) listen
Stratovarius Nemesis (Armoury) listen
Uvikra Bi (Badgod) listen
Vuyvr Eiskalt (Throatruiner) listen


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