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New Zozobra Track “Venom Hell” Goes Hard


Zozobra - Savage Masters

Listen to “Black Holes” — the new track Zozobra released on Valentine’s Day — then listen to latest jam “Venom Hell” at Pitchfork, and tell me you don’t think the band’s forthcoming album Savage Masters is going to be their heaviest to date. The formerly proggy, stoner metal group has seemingly stripped everything away but the “metal” part this time around, and they’re going for it full throttle on their third album and first in five years. Yes, the rest of the album is just as fast and fierce as the two tracks you’ve heard this far, I guarantee it.

Somewhat related: how do you pronounce the band’s name? I always pronounced it “zo-ZO-bruh,” emphasis on the middle syllable. But I recently heard someone say “ZO-zo-bruh” and I got to thinking. Settle this debate once and for all, Suckalos.

Savage Masters comes out on April 2nd via Brutal Panda Records and can be pre-ordered on vinyl now. Check out an interview with the label’s two founders over at The Deciblog.

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