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A Fascinating Look Into the Recording Sessions for The Ocean’s New Album Pelagial


I have only listened to The Ocean’s new album Pelagial once all the way through so far, but already I like it better than I did the Heliocentric and Anthropocentric double-shot. For one, the concept is beyond rad: the album’s lyrical subject matter starts at the surface of the ocean and dives down to its deepest crevices through each pelagic region, the music going from mellow to brutal in incremental steps in the process. But the music is groovy too: did you hear the song The Ocean released yesterday? YES, yes, y’all, this is an album worth getting excitebike about!

So my anticipation for this album and my desire to share that with you has probably influenced my opinion that the studio report video the band just released is fascinating, even though I normally don’t dig studios videos (like, at all). This episode features a lot of The Ocean mastermind Robin Staps talking about the album’s concept and execution, shows the band recording in three (!) different studios plus their own homes, and focuses on the recording of the drums and the strings on the record. What’s left for episode #2 aside from vocals? Can’t wait to find out.

Pelagial comes out on April 30th via Metal Blade. Order it here.

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