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Vote for Papa Emertius II to be the New Pope, Hear a New Ghost Tune

  • Axl Rosenberg

Papa Emertius II Pope

The conclave to elect a new pope has begun. That’s probably very exciting news for some people. I honestly don’t care. I mean I think it’s probably for the best that Emperor Palpatine isn’t the pope anymore, because the Dark Side is like all evil n’ shit, but beyond that, I don’t really have anything invested in this whole drama.

ALTHOUGH… now Ghost* have given me another reason to care: if you go to this website a “vote” to elect vocalist Papa Emeritus II for “supreme pontiff,” you can unlock a new song, “Year Zero.” I’m listening to it for a second time now, and it’s pretty frickin’ awesome — retro and catchy and moody in all the right ways, it’s basically everything great about Ghost’s music.

So, sure, the chances of Papa Emeritus II actually being elected pope are pretty slim, and that’s probably for the best anyway, because if he was the pope, it would probably be kinda hard for him to tour and stuff. But I still think you should cast your ballot so you can hear the song.

“Year Zero” will appear on Ghost’s Infestissumam, which comes out April 9. The band begins a headlining tour that same month. Get dates here.

*Look, I’m not gonna call them “Ghost B.C.” I get that they had to change their name for legal reasons, but I give not a single shit nugget. So, y’know, just so you’re not caught off-guard, I’m never ever gonna refer to them as “Ghost B.C.” I doubt any of you have a problem with that, I just felt like I had to say something.

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