Dave Mustaine is NOT Descended from Monkeys, Y’All

  • Axl Rosenberg

Mustaine and Ellefson Adam and Eve

In news that should surprise only those who have not read an interview with Dave Mustaine this century, the Megadouche recently came down on the side of the willfully-ignorant who believe that Earth is only six-thousand years old (hey, they’re only off by four-and-half billion years, no biggie) and was created in six days:

“Science is really interesting. I mean, I don’t believe in evolution, I believe in creation, so science only goes so far with me, but I really dig looking at that whole way that’s set up with the tubing and the piping and the reactors and all the stuff that goes along with it.”

Hey! Science is really “interesting,” man! I love looking all the pipes and doo-dads!


Oddly enough, the new Megadeth album is called Supercollider and not, say, Noah Really Did Fit Two of Every Animal on the Planet Onto His Ark or Being Eaten by a Whale is Not Necessarily Fatal. At press time, Jesus Christ had not returned calls for comment regarding The Infidel’s implicit endorsement of heretical black magic.

Supercollider comes out June 4 on Mustaine’s own Tradecraft label. I hereby challenge Mustaine to fire all his physical distributors and simply allow God to press all CD and vinyl copies.

[via Metal Injection]

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