Keep of Kalessin Feeling Instrospective

  • Axl Rosenberg

Okay, another dose of good news/bad news here.

The bad news is, Keep of Kalessin have apparently split with their vocalist, Thebon, for reasons unknown… although it is my own personal theory that the band realized it is SO not metal to have a singer whose name is French for “The Good.”

And speaking of the bon: the multi-parted good news basically nullifies the bad:

  • The band’s guitarist and primary songwriter, Arnt “Obsidian C” Gronbech, has now also taken over vocalist duties, allowing for a seamless transition.
  • The band has released a new song and video, “Introspection,” which rocks, and pretty much suggests that they’re gonna be a-okay without Thebon.

I have no idea what the band’s plans are vis a vis giving “Introspection” some kind of purchasable release, but presumably the song’s release means they have a new album in the works. While we eagerly await more news, I invite you to suck on this new KoK:

[via No Clean Singing… thanks to Will for the tip]

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