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The Amenta Have a New Album Out and You Can Stream It Right Now!


The Amenta - Flesh is Heir

UPDATE, April 8, 11:05am: The album will be released on May 7th in North America.

Original Post:

The term “industrial metal” might seem dated, but that is absolutely not the case when it applies to The Amenta, who blend industrial with brutal, technical death metal. 2008’s Non was a slab of fierce, mechanical punishment, but the band’s been largely quiet since then save a U.S. tour with Vader and a 2011 release called V01D consisting mostly of remixes and re-recorded songs.

But apparently The Amenta have a new album out right now, and not a one of you MetalSucks Maniacs emailed us about it. For shame! The promotional efforts behind the album seem largely aimed at the band’s native Australia, but still: the Internet.

The new album is called Flesh is Heir and can be streamed in full over at Terrorizer. I’m listening now for the first time and it might be the best Amenta album yet; fierce and scary are the words I keep coming back to. You can order the album on CD here, but you’ll have to pay for shipping from Europe; head-scratchingly, the album is not available for digital download in the U.S. (wtf??).

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