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Mike Hranica from The Devil Wears Prada Pens Book About The Brilliance and Depth of Mike Hranica fromThe Devil Wears Prada’s Lyrics

  • Axl Rosenberg

One & a Half Hearts

Mike Hrancia, vocalist for The Devil Wears Prada, has written a book, entitled One & a Half Hearts. Here is a description of the book from Hrancia’s website:


Ugh, really? One should never use any variation of the word “important” when describing one’s own work, unless that work is being President or curing cancer or selling weed or something along those lines. I’m not saying a band can’t be important — I’m just saying it’s not for the band to say that they’re important. It’s for OTHER people to say that. Sure, sometimes you get a completely immodest musician like John Lennon, but then, John Lennon WAS a truly great artist, and Mike Hrancia screams for a band named after a romantic coming-of-age comedy about the fashion industry. Or, as our very good friend Sergeant D. puts it on Stuff You Will Hate (where I first learned of this book):

“[They’re] awkwardly using big words and pseudo-academic language in an attempt to intellectualize the lyrics to songs such as ‘HTML rulez d00d’ and ‘Assistant To The Regional Manager’ [as if they] are super profound.”

I guess, in all fairness to Hrancia, “HTML rulez d00d” and “Assistant To The Regional Manager” are not the titles of songs on  Dead Throne, the tracks on which have substantially more traditionalist, humorless metal song titels like “Vengeance” and “Forever Decay.” Still, I think The Sarge’s point stands.

Especially because that last sentence elevates the book from arrogant to truly moronic:

Curious ToUhh, so…

  1. If it’s “a must for listeners” — which implies ALL listeners, not just some listeners — than why did he make it so damned hard to get? According to his website, the only twenty-three hardcover copies of the book ever made sold out in forty minutes. Someone on Amazon claims to be selling a paperback edition of the book… for $72.55. You’d think if this were truly “a must for listeners,” Hrancia would want as many fans as possible to read it.
  2. No one is curious to the construction of Mike’s lyrics. They may be curious to see the construction of Mike’s lyrics, or curious as to the construction of Mike’s lyrics, or curious about the construction of Mike’s lyrics. But even then, they’d probably be more curious about the process of the construction of Mike’s lyrics.

But no yeah this seems like a great book I think you should definitely buy a copy brah


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